The Optimum Times to Post on Facebook

The Optimum Times to Post on FacebookIf you run a business, be it online or offline you know that advertising is key to getting your brand established.  There is no shortage of place to advertise your business and most of them want your hard earned cash.  If your business is new or you simply don’t have the budget, there are still places where you can get your business advertised for free.

One of the best places to build your brand is still on Facebook.  Yes, the Facebook algorithm has changed and it’s harder now to expand your organic reach but not impossible.  Facebook can drastically boost the amount of traffic that goes to your website, but posting whenever is not the formula for success.  That being said when is it better to post?  Weekends when everyone is at home or during the week after dinner when people are just kicking back and surfing the net?  Do you know the best time to post on Facebook, for that matter, were you even aware  that some times are better than others to increase your reach.  Here are the optimum times to post on Facebook.

Research has Been Done

Everybody and their marketing dog has done research on when the best time to post to your Facebook page, by everybody that includes Huffington Post, Quicksprout, and Fast Company.  They have all done research on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest just to name a few.  For simplicity we’ll start with Facebook since it is the oldest and most used social network.  Each social network has their own ideal time to post since the audiences can be very different.  This is just one of the reasons to work with a digital marketing agency to help with social campaigns.

The Optimum Times to Post on Facebook

People logon to Facebook from absolutely everywhere, mobile, tablet and desktops and they are doing it from home, at work and on the go.  According to one study between 8am and 8pm is the worst time to post content.  The best time to post your content is on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm.  However, your engagement will be better on Thursdays and Fridays with engagement increasing as much as 20%.  And yes, the weekends are good too, post between 12-1 on both Saturdays and Sundays.  Here is a video outlining when you should schedule your posts.

These results were put together from data collected from a variety of companies and your results may be different.  You can use services like Hootesuite and schedule your posts for all of these “ideal” times and see what has the best engagement.  It will give you a starting point for what works with your audience.

How to Avoid Bad SEO Companies

How to Avoid Bad SEO Companies

As a small business owner you are probably inundated with phone calls every day from companies offering you SEO services, unfortunately most of them will do your business more harm than good.  Bad SEO may not sound like it’s that bad but in reality it can cost you thousands of dollars.  First in money wasted paying a company who doesn’t understand how SEO works and lastly by the revenue you can potentially lose if Google decides to de-index your site.

Here is how to avoid bad SEO companies:

If they promise you the same amount of backlinks every month

Building links is one of the things a good SEO agency is supposed to do, and building the same amount every month isn’t always a red flag.  However the exact same links every month can mean they are using an automated link building tool and that is a big no-no.  The best links are relevant to your business and send you traffic to your website.  Here is an example; putting a link on an industry newsletter is relevant to you.  Getting good links is hard work and getting the same amount month after month is impossible without building some spammy links.  That, you do not want.

Guaranteed Rankings

No digital marketing agency can guarantee you a first page ranking, especially within a specific time frame there are simply too many factors involved.  While there are black hat techniques that can get you to the first page, you won’t be there long and you’ll probably never see it again either.  Some shady SEO companies promise to rank you for x number of keywords, the problem is they aren’t keywords with many searches or relevance to your business.

A good agency is pretty good at showing you how they will increase your rankings and the milestones you can expect.  They will send you monthly reports that include not only your position but the search volume as well.

Guaranteeing a Specific Amount of Traffic

While you ultimately want to increase the numbers of visitors to your site, you also want visitors that are interested in your products and services.  However quality traffic that converts doesn’t happen easily, it takes time and effort.  Traffic is another metric that varies with competition and search volume.  Here is an example a small town plumber isn’t going to get 10,000 new visitors per month.  Even with all the planets lining up in your favor there just simply isn’t that many people searching for a plumber every month.

There are a lot of unscrupulous SEO agencies out there but there are some that are very good at their job and they work hard to get you what you need from your website.